What I’m Doingwhite sands New Mexico

After graduating from undergrad in May 2014, I had no plan, no job and no idea where I was headed. Going abroad was always in the back of my mind after studying abroad in Bangkok in the summer of 2013, but it was always an alternative and something I knew wouldn’t necessarily be the most financially sound option. So I searched for jobs–while obtaining my TESOL certification on the side, just in case. I received an offer at a trade association in Washington, D.C.–a 620 mile-long gap between the place I call home and the unfamiliar big city. I moved in September 2014 and began my 9-5 life in the nation’s capital.

But something wasn’t quite right. Sure, I was making friends, making a new life for myself and taking advantage of everything D.C. had to offer. I loved navigating unfamiliar streets and finding new good eats around the city. As time went on, things became familiar and my job became comfortable. I began to itch for new adventures, remembering the moments I planted rice with the Karen hill tribe in Chiang Mai, Thailand and got lost on the streets of Zurich. Something needed to change.

A flip switched in July of 2015. After spending a weekend in the cloudless skies of Cloudcroft, New Mexico with family, I made a decision. I decided it was time to do what I wanted, needed and had to do for myself. 

I’m leaving D.C., leaving my job, leaving the incredible life I’ve proudly built by myself and embarking on a new chapter. I’m backpacking throughout South America to jump into the unknown and unfamiliar and experience all that this wonderful world has to offer.

Where I’m Going

The Plan (1)


  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Argentina
  • Uruguay
  • Chile



Where I’ve Been

The Plan (2)

  • Spain: Barcelona, Sevilla, Toledo, Madrid (high school trip)
  • Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai (study abroad)
  • Italy: Milan, Venice, Florence
  • Switzerland: Zurich
  • Germany: Munich
  • Austria: Innsbruck
  • Ireland: Dublin, Cork, Galway, Dingle, Westport

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait to see what adventure awaits…be safe, have fun, blog lots!


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