Words from Mom: Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

IMG_4855To be a guest on someone else’s journey

Coming to Buenos Aires, Argentina to see our one and only child was an easy decision for a holiday vacation. Adding another country was a bonus! We were able to visit her in country #3 of her seven month, seven-country journey and then join her on the path to #4, Uruguay. It was a pleasure and delight to see her in action while navigating what I see as the most difficult part of the travel mindset: practicing patience while doing logistics. It was truly a maze of vehicles, roadways, and waterways.

We left the bustling city life of Buenos Aires (BA) and took a very, slow boat to Colonia de Sacramento, the complete opposite of BA although both have their fair share of cobble streets. The choice to take the speedy boat directly to our overnight lodging in Montevideo (the capitol city of Uruguay) was a discussion but I’m so glad we decided to spend an afternoon in the old town Colonia. I think my favorite part of the adventure everywhere we’ve been so far has been to wander the streets looking for the adventure. Having a destination in mind is typically my style (I’ve been dubbed ‘Julie McCoy’ by my sister Charlene) but this wandering allowed for some fun discovery along the way. Note to self: slow down.

We stored our luggage at the bus terminal, made our way to the Cuidad Viejo (center of old town), found a lunch spot, continued to wander, made our way to the water front, and stopped for Ice Cream. My favorite part of Colonia was the climb of the lighthouse at the ruins of the 17th century Convent of San Francisco which allowed us to overlook the Rio de la Plata (the widest river in the world according to our BA tour guide the day before) between the cities of Buenos Aires and Colonia de Sacramento. The climb was similar to the experience I had in Bermuda but also like the Key West lighthouse, so this was the second I’ve been able to climb with Morgan. I love adding up the adventures with her and others too.

In general the old town was fun to wander through including acknowledgement of the tourist areas versus the locals, eye spying my ideal home if I lived on this piece of heaven on earth, and spending the day with my personal tour guide and American body guard. We boarded the two-hour turned three-hour bus to Montevideo with memories and tired feet. That in and of itself was another adventure.



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  1. Bev says:

    Reading of your adventure only brings such a smile to my face. I know what a thrill this must be for you and can only imagine The memories you have made Love to you all Memaw


    Bev Jones-Steele Sent from my iPhone



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