Top Travel Blogs, Videos and Podcasts

In the two months I had between making the full-fledged decision to travel and my flight to Colombia, I listened, read and watched as many resources as possible. Ranging from basement-run podcasts to professional documentaries to established travel blogs, these are the top resources that helped me prepare.


  • Indie Travel Podcast: A fun-loving couple host this show where they share a mix of personal experiences and quick, practical tips to produce a truly enjoyable and informational podcast. Many episodes are location-specific, but the ones that focus on overall traveling were lifesavers.
  • Zero to Travel Podcast: I highly recommend Jason’s podcast–there were numerous episodes that gave me the inspiration to even do this trip in the first place. He talks with some great sources and asks all the right questions to give information on how to do travel the way you want. I thank Zero to Travel for supplying my running entertainment and giving me a plethora of insight on long-term travel.
  • The Expat Files: This podcast gave me less info on traveling or backpacking, and much more detail on actually living in Latin American countries and what to expect culturally as a gringa. A great resource for anyone actually looking to head into an international career.


  • Nomadic Matt: Nearly every traveler embarking on some sort of journey like this read something via Nomadic Matt’s site. There’s honestly not much you won’t be able to find here when it comes to travel inspiration, quick tips and location/guide resources.
  • Women-specific: A category in and of itself, there are so many blogs I browsed through during my prep that focused on solo and female travel. A few I’d highly recommend: Adventurous Kate, Twenty-Something Travel and Travel Fashion Blog (great for packing tips).


  • TED Talks: I listened to all TED talks on my daily commute in D.C., but the list of talks to give you wanderlust is a good place to start for travel-focused speeches. And this Girl vs. Globe blog post shares some of the five most inspirational ones.
  • In South America: I can’t even tell you how many times I watched this video. It gave me so much thrill for the journey I was about to embark on–and I hope it gives you a more professionally-shot look at what the continent has to offer.

There are so many resources out there, it was hard to narrow down this list. But these are the ones that helped guide me throughout my journey. And I thank the authors, writers and speakers who make them possible and gave me the inspiration along the way.


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  1. zerototravel says:

    Thanks for the shout out and for including my in such amazing company!


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