Making the decision to leave is easy. The preparation is not. I only had a little more than two months to get everything in order before embarking–a struggle to balance between my full-time job, freelancing work and personal life.

Here are a few essential things I prepped for my journey:

  • Insurance: After debating whether to spend the chunk of money on insurance, I went ahead and purchased the Explorer Plan through World Nomads. It was the most referenced on the myriad travel blogs I combed through and although I went against my better judgement when it came to insurance (thanks to my editorially-based industry knowledge), it was honestly the easiest and most convenient online option.
  • Vaccinations: Already having the typical ‘baby’ vaccinations, I checked the CDC website to see what was required and highly recommend. In the end, I went to the Washington Travel Clinic (thank you, Google) and received Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever and typhoid shots, as well as prescriptions for malaria and traveler’s diarrhea. (Just waiting for the day until I have to use the latter…)
  • Selling Furniture: While this piece of the puzzle varies depending on your situation, I went the sell-everything-you-own route. When it came to my furniture. I sold my desk, chair, nightstand, mini-fridge, bed and bookshelf on Craigslist, along with some clothes and accessories on Tradesy.
  • Housing & Job: These are the two biggies. Both separate, yet both the two elements that make everything surrounding the trip much more realistic. Luckily, I simply had to give my landlord 30 days notice to move out. She even gave me an extra $150 to show and post the room via Craigslist–score! The job warrants an entirely separate post due to the range of emotions that come alongside such a huge decision, but handing in my resignation was the final piece that needed to be done to make this trip a reality.

It’s a quick list that is certainly incomplete. The hours of research, phone calls and emotional roller coasters are well worth it given the end goal.


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